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UPDATES ON Kimberley City Wide Water Supply Suspension • 20-21 December 2018

UPDATE 23/12/2018
WATER SHUTDOWN UPDATE: There may still be some areas without water due to localized problems. If you still have no water please report the issue to the Sol Plaatje Call Centre on 053 830 6111. For more details on how to log faults see https://www.kimberley.org.za/log-faults-sol-plaatje-municipality/

NIGHTLY WATER SHEDDING: Due to low levels at Newton Reservoir the nightly water shutdowns will continue until further notice.

UPDATE 22/12/2018 08:45: Still no official updates from Sol Plaatje.  The Sol Plaatje call centre just now stated that valves to certain areas are only being opened now.
NOTE: We don’t know how reliable this information is and if the call centre is properly informed on the current situation.

UPDATE 22/12/2018 08:00: Water has been restored to some areas while others are still reporting no water. There has been no further updates from Sol Plaatje Municipality at this time.
 To see areas reporting water in their taps visit

When an update that water has been restored is received from Sol Plaatje Municipality it is usually when water has been switch back on. Frequently the water distribution network is still empty and it can take some time to build adequate pressure in the network. Therefore there can be a long delay between the time of the announcement to the time water supply is restored to households and businesses, especially in high lying areas and areas at greater distances from the reservoir.

21/12/2018 19:00 WATER SHUTDOWN UPDATE
“Our repair work has been completed. The teams are opening the valves on the 965 pipeline and have started up the pumps at Riverton. It will take a moment to flood the network system and increase the levels at Newton Reservoir simultaneously.

We are currently pumping at 1300 liters per second to Kimberley as we open the network. We request your patience.We appreciate your cooperation. We really regret the inconvenience.”
Update via Sello Matsie

WATER SHUTDOWN UPDATE 09:15 21/12/2018:
“Water supply will be RESTORED today still, Friday 21 December 2018. Please ignore the false information of water returning only on Sunday. Repair work progressing accordingly”
Via Selo Matsie

WATER SHUTDOWN UPDATE 09:00 21/12/2018:
Two areas of the three emergency repairs have been completed already by 4am this morning. In total there were six holes on the pipeline. The last scour valve which is no longer working is being replaced. We assure you, we will resume supply today still FRIDAY 21st December 2018.”
Via Sello Matsie

WATER SHUTDOWN UPDATE 06:00 21/12/2018: There has been no updates yet today.  We will update this page as soon as any becomes available.

WATER SHUTDOWN UPDATE 20:00 20/12/2018: Water was cut around 13:00 today.
The teams immediately commenced with the scouring of water from the problem areas of the pipeline.

According to Municipal Spokesperson, Sello Matsie, all is going to plan thus far


UPDATES ON THE KIMBERLEY CITY WIDE WATER SHUTDOWN NOTICE:  FROM 1PM Thursday, 20 December 2018 until the evening of Friday, 21 December 2018.

UPDATE 16:00 20/12/2018: 

Original Notice


Notice is hereby given regarding emergency repairs at three major leaks on the 965mm pipeline from Riverton to Kimberley.

This requires that we suspend water supply for the entire City starting at 1pm on Thursday 20th until the evening of Friday 21st December 2018.

The inconvenience is regrettable

Sello Matsie

According to a further statement from Sello Matsie, The Sol Plaatje Municipal Spokesperson,  factors including high consumption and leaks has resulted in the deterioration of the water situation in Kimberley.

“We have no option other than to adopt an aggressive approach to increase the levels of the reservoirs at Newton. Emergency repairs to three major leaks on the 965mm pipeline from Riverton to Kimberley need to be undertaken. This will necessitate that the water supply to the entire city will be cut from 1pm on Thursday (December 20) in order for the pipeline to be emptied. Please note that no alternative water supply Jojo tanks will be provided and we request the community to make adequate arrangements for this period. We regret the inconvenience but these repairs are necessary to ensure supply,” 

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