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Kimberley City Wide Water Shutdown UPDATES – October 2019

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE: 30/10/2019 – 16:15


Please note that the Sol Plaatje Municipality has experienced further challenges with power supply to the plant. The cable blew once more and the municipality is now forced to run with one high lift pump.

Our technical teams are on site to replace the cable. As such it should be noted that we will not be able to improve our storage level as planned.

On Monday cables blew in one of the transformers that feed the plant with power and led to the tripping of high lift pumps and ultimately an intermittent pumping pattern to the City.

New cables were set up by the electrical unit to ensure water is restored to all areas.

Since the discovery of our diminished pumping capacity technical teams have been on site throughout the day and the problem is receiving all necessary attention to ensure that pump facilities are repaired timeously.

Once work is done, pumping will resume and the municipality will start by pumping water supply at Newton Reservoir for consumption

Daily water supply restrictions will continue. This is done in order to supply water to residents.

The Executive Mayor wishes to express an apology to all residents for any inconvenience caused

Issued by:

Office of the Executive Mayor

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE: 29/10/2019 – 12:00

We have resumed water supply at Newton Reservoir. This will only be until this afternoon at 14:00. This is due to extremely low levels at Newton Reservoir, we are struggling to have sufficient capacity to supply the High Pressure Tower in order to provide water to the city.

We are currently also busy with a cable replacement at one our transformer that supply electricity to the new pump station which was damaged. This is expected to be completed this afternoon.

Given current situation, we shall supply Water to all areas only between the early hours of the morning and the afternoon at 14:00 until further notice to beef up the levels at Newton. The Municipality regret the inconvenience.

Sello Matsie
Sol Plaatje Municipality

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE: 29/10/2019 – 07:30


Tuesday, 29nd October 2019 
Time: 07:30

Due to extremely low levels at Newton Reservoir, we have no sufficient capacity to supply the High Pressure Tower in order to provide water to the city. This is as a result of power supply challenges at our Riverton water treatment works for the better part of yesterday morning. 

Despite this challenge, we’ve been pumping through 600mm and the 965 main pipes, however our storage levels at Newton have not not improved by this morning. We have now being forced to shutdown all areas until further notice to improve the levels of Newton Reserves.

Additionally we are being limited by the new bulk restrictions that will be implemented due to the low levels from our extraction source, which is the Vaal River. We will provide an update  later today. The inconvenience is regrettable. 

Sello Matsie 
Sol Plaatje Municipality

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE: 16/10/2019 – 17:00

Newton Reservoir: Earlier Shutdown tonight; Wednesday 16 October 2019

Due to a 150mm pipe burst connected to a 450 mm main pipeline from Newton in Conrad Street, we will switch off water supply from Newton Reservoir at 6pm tonight to allow Waterworks Department to complete the repairs. The water will only resume tomorrow morning. The reservoir levels at Newton are steadily increasing. We continue to request that residents conserve water usage.

Sol Plaatje Municipality

For further updates see https://www.kimberley.org.za/?p=22468

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE: 12/10/2019 – 21:30

Please be informed that our water treatment plant is operating efficiently and we are pumping at full capacity. However we are still experiencing high water consumption and our water reserves at Newton reservoir station are still constrained. We will continue effecting nightly water shutdowns as previously communicated. This is done in order to secure adequate reserves with the purpose of ensuring continuous supply of water during the day.

We urge our consumers to use water sparingly and report any pipe bursts as soon as possible.

Info via Sol Plaatje Municipality on Facebook.


WATER SUPPLY UPDATE: 12/10/2019 – 16:15 & 21:20

Due to low water levels at Newton Reservoir, the reservoir was switched off at about 16:00 this afternoon (12 Oct 2019) to build up the water level. According to SP the water will be switched back on on Sunday morning 13 Oct 2019 at about 05:00.

Unfortunately there was no warning given before the water was switched off. 

Original info received from Ward Cllr Marie Beylefeld

Below message via Sol Plaatje Municipality on Facebook.

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE: 10/10/2019 – 18:15

Good evening, I have just spoken to the engineer who informed me of the following: water will be closed in the evening from 19h00 until 06h00 in the morning. It is expected that this should happen for at least 2 weeks but residents are now wasting water by watering their gardens and washing their cars. If this continues, we can then expect this nightly shutdowns to continue for 3 months or more. Please let us use water sparingly during this time to avoid extended periods without water.

Info via Cllr Carol Pearce.

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE: 10/10/2019 – 08:52

The water levels in the Newton reservoir were still alarmingly low by yesterday afternoon (9 October 2019). Although the pumps are running and there is water in the taps this morning (10 October 2019), it will take a long time to fill the reservoir and it is envisaged that the water supply will still be switched off from 7pm in the evening until 4am the next morning.

Info translated from Noordkaap Koerant on Facebook.

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE: 09/10/2019 – 15:09

DA Councillors visit the Newton Reservoir.

DA councillors visited the Newton Reservoir today (09 October 2019) and found that the water levels are still worryingly low, at just 14 feet.

While the water has just been switched on, the water crisis is by no means over. Based on the information we received, the next two days could still present a major challenge and water supply will remain compromised. Residents are therefore urged to fill up containers each time water is restored, as there is no telling for how long there will be water in the taps and when it will be turned on and off.

In respect of a more long-term projection, water problems do look set to persist for the next couple of weeks. We urge residents to keep this in mind in their planning and when making water provision.

In the absence of accurate information being supplied to councillors and residents by Sol Plaatje municipality, the DA has drawn the above assumptions based on what we witnessed at the reservoir today. We can only hope that the true extent of the situation is better, and not worse, than what we have predicted.

Info via Democratic Alliance Northern Cape on Facebook

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE: 09/10/2019 – 13:11 

The Executive Mayor, Patrick Mabilo visited the Newton Reservoir to monitor the progress on the supply of water to residents.

Water has started flowing in some areas and by late afternoon more areas will also have water.

The water supply from Riverton was affected by the electrical infrastructure (transformer) and in the process the water flow was adversely affected. Despite these challenges, workers continue working hard to restore water supply.

Our water and electrical engineers will work round the clock to ensure minimal water disruptions.

We admit that challenges with regard to the electrical infrastructure was unforseen and was not part of the major work that took place over the weekend.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Issued by
The Office of the Executive Mayor

UPDATE: 09/10/2019 – 06:57 – WATER SUPPLY UPDATE OCTOBER 2019

Please be advised that the levels at Newton Reservoir are extremely low and we struggling to start up. We are forced to implement water restriction until further notice. As from this Morning, Wednesday 09 October 2019, water supply shall be from early mornings until in the afternoons. We request you cooperation. Let’s reduce consumption and avoid watering gardens. We regret the inconvenience

Sello Matsie
Sol Plaatje Municipality

NB: Unfortunately no specific times have been given for the above mentioned.

UPDATE: 06/10/2019 – 09:12 – WATER SUPPLY UPDATE OCTOBER 2019

Last night at about 22:00, We experienced a challenge with a scourer valve in the main valve chamber of 900 uis almost complete this morning. We shall resume pumping through 900 and in full capacity shortly. The other pump kept pumping since yesterday, through the 600, with no interruptions. Kindly be advised that to maintain levels at Newton Reservoir, we have temporarily switched off pumping..immediately Riverton resumes pumping, we shall switch on Newton as part of managing the levels. We regret the inconvenience. Have a blessed Sunday.

Sello Matsie


UPDATE: 06/10/2019 – 06:00 – WATER SUPPLY UPDATE OCTOBER 2019

If you still have no water outside please report the issue to the Sol Plaatje Municipal Call Centrehttps://www.kimberley.org.za/?p=2298


UPDATE: 05/10/2019 – 19:39 – WATER SUPPLY UPDATE OCTOBER 2019

“Ek is nou by Newton reservoir.
Die eerste pomp is nou net aangeskakel wat water in die Kimberley waternetwerk in pom.
Die operateurs het nou gestap om die klep oop te maak sodat die tweede pomp aangeskakel kan word.


– Johan Smit

UPDATE: 05/10/2019 – 14:13


Water Supply: Riverton Pump

The new Pumps at Riverton has now officially been started and producing 1500 litres per second. All minor work has been done. Our apology for delays. Roodepan and Galeshewe including all areas will be supplied from the main pipelines as normal. Thanks to all the teams. Surely we could do somethings better but thanks for the cooperation.

Sello Matsie

UPDATE: 05/10/2019 – 09:00


Water Supply: Newton Reservoir

We have already started pumping from Newton Reservoir to alleviate demand from the 45 Mega Litre Dam. Supply from Riverton will also start soon once everything has been sorted. Thanks

Sello Matsie


UPDATE: 05/10/2019 – 06:30


Kindly be advised that we couldn’t start up the pumps on advise of the teams especially around the stability of the concrete. All Electrical and Mechanical contractors including the Project Consultant are conducting the necessary assessment and trail runs on the entire system. Once the all clear signal is signed off. Water supply will start without delay shortly. We apologise profusely and thank you for cooperation.

Sello Matsie

UPDATE: 04/10/2019 – 22:00

Final Water Supply Update

All upgrading work and repairs have been completed including the electricity supply for the new Pump Station. We are currently pouring concrete over the 965mm pipeline to secure and stabilise the newly installed pipe at Riverton. Thereafter, we will commence with supply using both the 600mm and 965 mm from Riverton to Kimberley. The Newton Reservoir will be switched on, after having filled up the network to avoid depleting the reservoir levels. It will take a few hours before the entire system is filled with between 75 and 90 millions litres of potable water. On behalf of the Municipality, we thank you, for your cooperation.

Sello Matsie


UPDATE: 04/10/2019 – 13:00


Seven of the nine leaking portions in Midland’s area, Roodepan have been repaired and we are busy with the last remaining two. At Riverton, the different portions of the 965mm pipeline has been installed and extensive welding is currently underway. This includes the migration of electricity to the new pump station. There has been no reasons for delay and we are on schedule to complete the task. We thank you for your cooperation.

Sello Matsie


UPDATE: 04/10/2019 – 12:55


UPDATE just given is that they are on schedule and will be done by tonight late.
Any further info I will send through

Info via NOCCI Kimberley on Facebook.

UPDATE: 03/10/2019 – 12:30


The team at Riverton started this morning with cutting into the 965mm pipe as part of connecting it with the new Pump Station, including the change over of the electricity supply to incapacitate the Station. Another team is also busy with repairs at Midland’s, Roodepan. Nine areas are being attended to on this part. The Area is prone to leaks primarily because of the electricity current from the passing goods trains utilising the railway line. So far the progress is accordingly as scheduled. We regret the inconvenience and will continue to provide regular updates. Thanks

Sello Matsie


UPDATE: 03/10/2019 – 11:44


Work on the connection of the 965mm pipeline to the new pump station at Riverton is proceeding as scheduled.

Municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie, said that the water supply from Riverton to the city was cut as scheduled last night.

“Currently there is still a bit of water in the system and there have been reports of water in Galeshewe.”

He added that the 965mm pipeline had already been disconnected from the old pump station. “As we speak, there is still some water seeping out where our team has to work but so far there have not been any hiccups.”

Matsie explained that the 600mm pipeline was already connected to the new pump station and the work being undertaken currently would focus on connecting the 900mm pipeline.

“Provision has already been made for a 1 300mm inlet pipe for future expansion.”

According to Matsie, advantage would also be taken of the fact that the water was off currently to repair around nine leaks on the pipe near 3 SAI (Midlands). “We can only work on this pipeline while the water is off so we are making use of the current situation and we already have teams working on patching these holes.”

He said that part of the concern was the fact that the water affected that stability of the nearby railway line.

Meanwhile, Matsie said there had not been many complaints so far from residents regarding the water situation. “People were timeously warned to prepare for the water outage so there have not been many issues raised thus far. However, we expect this situation to change by tomorrow morning.”

He assured residents that they would be kept informed of the progress and information would be shared with the community as it became available.

Water supply is expected to be resumed by Saturday.

Info via DFA on Facebook

UPDATE: 02/10/2019 – 13:03


Water will go off as usual tonight at 19h00 hrs. We can expect the water to be back on Sat through the day.
I will send though updates as I receive them

Info via NOCCI Kimberley on Facebook


UPDATE: 30/09/2019 – 08:00


Please note that there will be a planned Water Supply Interruption from Wednesday 2 October 2019 at night to Friday 4 October 2019 evening. The planned water shutdown is for the connection of a 965 pipe at New Riverton Pump Station. Preparations are at an advanced stage and teams are ready to connect the 965 mm to the new pump station. Thanks.

Sello Matsie
Sol Plaatje Municipality

UPDATE: 25/09/2019 – 16:20


Please note that the planned Water Supply Interruption for tomorrow (26 Sept) till Saturday has been postponed for next week. This is after consultations with role players and affected parties. The water shutdown shall take place next week from Wednesday 2 October 2019 at night to Friday 4 October 2019 evening. Preparations are at an advanced stage and teams are ready to connect the 965 mm to the new pump station. Thanks.

Sello Matsie
Sol Plaatje Municipality


Connection of 965 pipe at New Riverton Pump Station.

There will be a total shutdown in the water supply from Riverton to drain the DN600 & DN900 pump lines from Thursday 26 September evening until Saturday 28 September 2019 in the afternoon.

The electrical switch over of the second transformer as well as other electrical feeders will be done during the shutdown.

The DN600 pump line, the old vertical pump, the oval tower and the treatment works should be back in operation by Thursday afternoon (if the 965-line can be isolated from Midstation toward Riverton). The water supply to Kimberley will be limited to ±400ℓ/s.

The tie-in of the DN900 pump line will start as soon as the two pump lines are drained/scoured.

The electrical switch over and related work is scheduled for completion by 17:00 on Friday, 27 September 2019.
The tie-in of the new high-lift pump station is scheduled for completion by 13:00 on Saturday, 28 September 2019.

It is foreseen that the water supply will be at full capacity by Saturday afternoon. We recommend that residents prepare adequate water for use during the shutdown. This is part of the upgrading of our infrastructure.

We apologise for the inconvenience.


From Sello Matsie
Sol Plaatje Municipality

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