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KIMBERLEY: A city of firsts


  • 1871
    THE FIRST Private Postal Delivery Service.
  • 1877
    THE FIRST professional training of nurses.
  • 1875
    THE FIRST drive-in bar.
  • 1882
    THE FIRST city in the Southern Hemisphere to install electric street lighting on 2nd September 1882. The electric lights of Kimberley came on before those of London.
  • 1883
    THE FIRST Stock Exchange in South Africa.
  • 1889
    THE FIRST hotel with electricity.
  • 1889
    THE FIRST to win the Rugby Currie Cup.
  • 1911
    THE FIRST public flight in the first South African built aircraft.
  • 1913
    THE FIRST airplane accident.
  • 1913
    THE FIRST airplane purchased by the South African Government.
  • 1913
    THE FIRST ten pilots in the South Africa Defence Force.
  • 1913
    THE FIRST pilots in the South African Aviation Corps.
  • 1926
    THE FIRST Industrial Council.
  • 1928
    THE FIRST diamond cutting factory.
  • 1929
    THE FIRST woman to play tennis without stockings at Wimbledon.
  • 1931
    THE FIRST official airport safety regulations.
  • 1931
    THE FIRST airport to install lighting equipment.
  • 1931
    THE FIRST night landing by a pilot.
  • 1931
    THE FIRST airport to offer 24 hour services.
  • 1932
    THE FIRST municipal rest house and aerodrome in Africa.
  • 1934
    THE FIRST National Air Rally.
  • 1936
    THE FIRST South African Museums Conference.
  • 1936
    THE FIRST South Africa Museums Association constituted.
  • 1940
    THE FIRST female municipal traffic wardens.
  • 1954
    THE FIRST State School for paraplegics.
  • 1954
    THE FIRST state school for physically disabled.
  • 1965
    THE FIRST twelve year old to hold a world record in swimming.
  • 1967
    THE FIRST Commando Training Unit.
  • 1967
    THE FIRST nation wide direct dialling telephones.
  • 1969
    THE FIRST woman judge: Miss Justice Leonora van de Heever.
  • 1976
    THE FIRST housing scheme, Ipopeng in Galeshewe, for black employees.
  • 1977
    THE FIRST remote controlled ore trains in underground operations.
  • 1980
    THE FIRST The first South African to be elected to the world swimming hall of fame – Karen Muir.
  • 1983
    THE FIRST elected black town council: Galeshewe in South Africa. (30/11/1983).
  • 1983
    THE FIRST coloured priest to become a bishop.
  • 1983
    THE FIRST manufacture of self propelled overhead irrigation pivots in South Africa.
  • 1992
    THE FIRST City Council to amalgamate all group areas..
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