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Giant Riverton Pumping Station Fountain

Photo Posted by Gloria Hawkins van Heerden

Photo Posted by Gloria Hawkins van Heerden

Around 11am today photos of what seem to be a major leak on the Supply-line from Riverton Pumping Station to Kimberley surfaced on Social Media. At this time no feedback or any statement is forthcoming from Sol Plaatje Municipality. Presumably such a leak would be extremely difficult to repair without shutting down the high pressure pipeline. Depending on the location of such a leak the pumping capacity at Riverton should be enough to minimize any affect the leak may have on the water flow to Kimberley.  What could have a major impact on Kimberley’s water reserves is if the pipeline needs to be shut-down to repair the leak, especially if any complications extends the repair time.  Unofficial reports is that Sol Plaatje Waterworks are currently attending to the leak, but with no official communication from Sol Plaatje Municipality all this is just speculation, and the Riverton Fountain might to be related to Riverton Waterworks or the water supply lines to Kimberley.


Photos of the giant fountain at Riverton posted by Mickey Dangerez and Gloria Hawkins van Heerden  are being widely shared on Facebook.

The lack of communication from the municipality is only fuelling the frustration over the current water crisis, and one of the only outlets are social media platforms.

Riverton Pumping Station Leak Mickey Dangerez

Photo Posted by Mickey Dangerez

Clive PatersonNo official comment from Sol Plaatje Municipality. They treat us like we don’t exist and we accept this treatment and even apologise for this institution’s many many shortcomings. We just lie down and play dead. We deserve to be without water. Now I can be blocked from this page.

Kenny ScholtzNot a drop of water AGAIN in Milner Street. Thanks sol. Almost a week now. Yet other people I talk to living in other arears are not effected, some even having water the whole weekend. Why I want to know

Shell Curtis Goliath: No water in Memorial Road for 7 days I hope I’m getting a discount on my monthly account too

Shantelle Engelbrecht:  Mickey Dangerez‘s photoHonestly speaking can whoever knows the Municipal Manager please ask them to stop lying to us now and just tell us whats happening – this is riverton – meanwhile the reservoir is empty and we have watershedding. Plus why are we only using one reservoir – is it that the others have been broken for a while? the story of us using all the water in the reservoir in one day makes no sense since we had no water for 4 days – surely that built up the levels … SP – we all good with understanding and helping if you just straight with us
Mia DonoghueI say this with all the love I’m capable of in my heart: I resent being treated like a naughty child. The municipality cannot blame a city for taking a shower after at least 72 hours of washing from basins or swimming pools. It cannot blame a city for doing dishes and washing that had piled up without relief. It cannot blame a city for the rivers that flowed from pressure valves to protect the pipes. (Although I almost cried when I passed 3 of those rivers in just two blocks.) It cannot blame businesses for replenishing their emergency supplies. It cannot blame the city for planning that didn’t allow for the extreme heat, high demand and drought that this shutdown coincided with. I will do my best to use water wisely, treat people with respect, and appreciate the efforts of all who carried us through this horrible weekend, but that’s all I can do.
Lindie Loots feeling annoyed:  Ek wil nou nie onnodig moeilik probeer wees nie, maar Kimberley het n water kriesis en die Newton Reservoir is leeg. SP sit ons water tussen 22h00 en 5h00 af om reserves op te bou en deur die dag het ons of glad nie water nie of het baie lae druk. Hulle vermaan Kimberley inwoners oor die water verbruik, maar die publieke tuine word nat gemaak met hierdie moerse spreiers wat gallonne water uit spuit en nie net liters nie. Dis is mos geensins regverdig nie …
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