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Flamingos at Kamfers Dam - Photo by Brian Culver

Flamingo chicks in danger of perishing

By Brian Culver • Kamfers Dam Kimberley, 9 Jan 2018 

Some of the scenes at Kamfersdam yesterday 9 January 2018. Thousands of locally hatched chicks are in danger of perishing due to the local authorities and mines ignoring the pleas by the Department of Environmental and Nature Conservation to maintain sustainable water levels on the pan at least until the chicks are mature enough to fly and fend for themselves. There are thousands of abandoned turrets and eggs due to the lack of water and the severe heat being experienced. 2-legged predators have also been spotted around the nesting sites carrying heavy sticks, no doubt with the intent to club the defenceless chicks. If the island was operational and water levels maintained, this disaster could have been prevented. The silly impasse concerning a conservancy being declared should be forgotten and the plight of the Flamingos should be top priority by those with the power and resources to do something about getting the island operational again. This current disaster is highlighting the urgency of the situation. PLEASE, Birdlife South Africa……surely your intervention is urgently required to rectify and maintain the island, which was a resounding success for 3 seasons.?!?!?!

Flamingos fate in the hands of Sol Plaatje Municipality

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