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Kimberley Sol Plaatje Municipality no water during loadshedding / blackouts

Dry taps when you have no electricity?

When a city wide blackout is in affect because of Stage 3 loadshedding your taps can go dry as well.

The Kimberley / Sol Plaatje water supply network relies on booster pumps and other electrical reliant infrastructure to supply water and keep up pressure.

During a Stage 3 city wide blackout electricity is not available to run Kimberley’s water infrastructure resulting in low pressure or no water.

The same situation can arise during stage 2 rolling blackouts, if the substation supplying electricity to the whole or part of Kimberley’s water supply network is downed.

When load shedding is scheduled or during periods when there is a high risk of loadshedding, always ensure that you have another source of water available.


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