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“The community of Colville have stayed without water since this morning due to an old asbestos pipe that cracked, but it’s currently being replaced.

Executive Mayor Mangaliso Matika says while we have made progress in our water management, we are still losing huge amounts of water through leaking pipes that take days without being serviced, that will never happen under this new sheriff.

We need a clear plan of how we are going to reduce this waste by 60% in short medium term.

We need to introduce a new culture of responsiveness and service to our people, no more shall we treat our communities with disrespect and disdain. We will respect their needs and what they need from us, and accordingly our efforts will be adjusted to being of service and not being in-Charge.

Being a servant and not a boss to the people, being a provider of services to our people this municipality will be at the centre of all our work.”

SOURCE: Kagisho Mokwena


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