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Today In Kimberley

KimberleyToday, Monday 20/11/2017

#KimberleyToday, Monday 20/11/2017 The weather forecast for today is; Sunshine with some clouds, breezy and very warm with patchy clouds later on. Max UV Index: 13 Fire Danger: High Thunderstorms: 0% Rain: 0mm #KimberleyEvents @ https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/events/ #Where2Eat Specials @ https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/specials-and-promotions-where-to-eat/ POLICE DOG SAVES THE DAY:  https://www.kimberley.org.za/?p=17336 Today’s Local ...

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KimberleyToday, Saturday 18/11/2017

#KimberleyToday, Saturday 18/11/2017 The weather forecast for today is; Partly to mostly sunny, pleasant and warmer. Max UV Index: 13 Fire Danger: Low Thunderstorms: 0% #KimberleyEvents @ https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/events/ #Where2Eat Specials @ https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/specials-and-promotions-where-to-eat/ WHAG Fun Market – https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/kimberley/events/whag-fun-market/ Entrepreneursmark @ Trim Park – https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/kimberley/events/entrepreneursmark-trim-park/ 8 Myl Kersmark ...

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KimberleyToday, Friday 17/11/2017

#KimberleyToday, Friday 17/11/2017 The weather forecast for today is; Pleasant and warmer with plenty of sun. Clear and cold later. Max UV Index: 13 Fire Danger: Med Thunderstorms: 0% Rain: 0mm #KimberleyEvents @ https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/events/ #Where2Eat Specials @ https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/specials-and-promotions-where-to-eat/ Whitey Live @ Horseshoe Inn: https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/kimberley/events/whitey-live-horseshoe-inn/ Hunters Edge ...

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KimberleyToday, Thursday 16/11/2017

#KimberleyToday, Thursday 16/11/2017 The weather forecast for today is; Colder with wind and light rain. Possible thunderstorms later. Max UV Index: 7 Fire Danger: Low Thunderstorms: 20% Rain: 2mm #KimberleyEvents @ https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/events/ #Where2Eat Specials @ https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/specials-and-promotions-where-to-eat/ 2 Subs & Coke Promotion @ Debonairs: https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/kimberley/specials-and-promotions-where-to-eat/2-subs-coke-promotion-debonairs/ Karaoke Finals ...

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KimberleyToday, Monday 13/11/2017

#KimberleyToday, Monday 13/11/2017 The weather forecast for today is; Variable cloudiness, breezy and very warm with a thundershower this afternoon and partly cloudy in the evening.  Max UV Index: 10 Fire Danger: High Thunderstorms: 31% Rain: 3mm #KimberleyEvents @ https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/events/ #Where2Eat Specials @ https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/specials-and-promotions-where-to-eat/ Today’s Local ...

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KimberleyToday, Sunday 12/11/2017

#KimberleyToday, Sunday 12/11/2017 The weather forecast for today is; Sunny to partly cloudy and very warm.  Max UV Index: 12 Fire Danger: Low Thunderstorms: 0% #KimberleyEvents @ https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/events/ #Where2Eat Specials @ https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/specials-and-promotions-where-to-eat/ Today’s Local Business Spotlight: Amphibic Design – Websites, Web Applications, Corporate Identities & Graphic ...

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