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Cape Cobra - Snakes of Kimberley

The Cape Cobra

Naja Nivea: (Cape Cobra, Yellow Cobra, Geelslang, Koperkapel, Bruinkapel). This is the most common poisonous snake found in Kimberley. The Cape Cobra is a highly venomous moderate sized snake. It can be nervous and aggressive but won’t attack unless cornered ...

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Parking Thieves at the North Cape Mall in Kimberley December 2013

Disabled Parking Thieves

One of my pet hates is people who only think of of their own convenience regardless of those around them. The worse of  that kind are the Disabled Parking Thieves.  Yes it’s those socially disabled people who think can have ...

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Halloween In Kimberley

Halloween in Kimberley 2013

As Halloween approaches we’ve seen a spike on Google and site searches related to costume hire, costume accessories, halloween make-up supplies and make up services in Kimberley. Do you supply any of these services or know someone who do?  Inbox ...

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