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8 Killed Outside Kimberley in Car Crash – SAPS Investigating Culpable Homicide

Eight People were killed when two vehicles collided on the Barkley West road outside of Kimberley on Friday evening.

The accident between a passenger car (a Toyota Corolla),  and a Toyota Land Cruiser occurred shortly after 8pm on Friday, 6 October 2017 on the Barkley Road just outside of Kimberley.  The passenger car was rear ended by the Land Cruiser, allegedly after making a u-turn.

Emergency medical services was at the scene at around 8:30 pm.

Eight of the occupants of the passenger car, 5 of them children, died in the accident while the car’s driver sustained serious injuries.

The occupant of the Land Cruizer was treated for injuries a the Gariep Hospital.

News sources report that there were 12 occupants in the passenger car, 8 children and four adults.

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SABC VIDEO – Accident claims 8 lives Outside Kimberley

[urlpreviewbox url=”https://www.dfa.co.za/news/8-family-members-killed-in-horror-crash/”/]

UPDATE – 09:30, Sunday 08/10/2017 – This post has been edited for accuracy as reports from major news outlets as well as statements by some emergency medical service providers and SAPS contains conflicting information.
Be aware that large part of news depends on eyewitness accounts, the accounts of bystanders and attending personnel, as well as official reports made to authorities.  Unfortunately eyewitness accounts have been proved to be extremely unreliable. Therefore it is best to always read news and other information with a critical eye and keep in mind that although statements and accounts can be recorded word for word, 100% accuracy of the actual facts of events is extremely difficult to determine.  After all even in the justice system which relies on multiple eye witness accounts together with forensic evidence frequently get’s it wrong.   Also see “The science of why eyewitness testimony is often wrong
The Kimberley City Info Website, www.kimberley.org.za, use publicly released information for news but mainly we gather Kimberley related news from all over the internet for easy access to our readers, with links to as many sources as possible. While we always strive to bring you the most factual correct stories on this website, NO publication can honestly promise to always report stories with 100% accurate facts every time.  Stories on this website is updated whenever we become aware of new or more accurate information.


Read more on this story as published by the media on the links below, but please note that the stories below contain conflicting reports.

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