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Kimberley Water Outages 01/02/2016 Update 20:45

Sol Plaatje is working on the burst pipe in Milner Street which is affecting nearby areas including Carrington Road and Dalham Road. Ernestville has low pressure due to the pipe bursts in Cassandra.
Sol Plaatje Waterworks is also working on a valve in Atlas Street resulting in no or low water pressure in nearby areas. (Via Hennie Venter)

Original information via Sharon Steyn “Burst pipe in Milner but they apparently nearly finished this will affect Carrington Road also. Ernestville has low pressure coming from Cassandra problems and also Dalham Road that was switched off because of Milner Street”

Original Information via Hennie Venter “Daar word ‘n stukkende waterklep in Atlasstraat vervang. Areas om Atlasstraat is sonder water. Die waterspan is al ‘n ruk besig.”

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