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Municipal Complaints Manual via the CPA

Potholes, water leaks, no streetlights, illegal dumping areas and unsanitary conditions

These are among the most regular complaints against the Sol Plaatje Local Municipality.

Although some complaints and issues are dealt with speedily by the municipality others seem to linger, foster and and keep recurring leading to frustration and anger when residents feel they are fighting a losing battle trying to obtain the services they pay for.

Civil rights organisation AfriForum won a court case in 2013 against the Minister of Trade and Industry in which the court ruled that all municipalities are subjected to the Consumer Protection Act.  In October 2014 Afriforum introduced a Municipal Consumer Guide with step by step detailed instructions to enable residents to take their complaints to a Provincial Consumer Commission or even the National Consumer Commission.

Be warned though, this is not a quick and easy solution.  The Municipal Consumer Guide is a hefty 60 page document and steps have to followed carefully.  It does contain thorough instructions, examples and templates to simply the process as much as possible.
Note: Residents who which to take this route will have to put in time and effort but are still not 100% guaranteed a satisfactory outcome.

Download the English version of the Municipal Consumer Guide

Laai die Afrikaanse weergawe van die Munisipale Verbruikers Handeling af.


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