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Kimberley Water Outages


UPDATE 15/03/2017 22:20 on areas currently without water and serviced by Newton Reservoir.
The Sol Plaatje Waterworks Department is still busy working in Dalham Road.  The estimate time of restoration(ETR) has been moved on time after time today and currently the call centre do not want to give any ETR.
From our side we don’t expect that water will be restored any time soon; rather plan for water only to be restored during the night or early tomorrow morning.

The Newton Reservoir has been switched off for repairs at a major pipe burst at Hoffe Park. This is affecting many areas with little to no water pressure. 

Sol Plaatje Waterworks are busy attending to the problem.

Areas Affected: Various areas in Kimberley with little to no water pressure.

Time of Restoration: NA

-Via Ward 20 Councillor, Carol-Ann Pearce


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